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Our eclectic collection of products
are designed and made in Britain and supplied to leading commercial projects and influential brands worldwide.
We are deadgood. Furniture, lighting & interior products.
Designed in Britain. Made in Britain. An eclectic collection.
Products with personality. For Brands. For the Workplace.
A bright idea on the back of a beer mat. Fun. Quality.
Longevity. Keep it simple stupid. Consistently inconsistent.
Challenge the status quo. Experiment with new ideas.
Remain at the crest of a wave. Constantly evolve.
Continuously improve. Nurture talent. Be more. Do less. Ethically and environmentally awake. Emotionally durable. Local yokel. Global reach. Inspired. Refined. Disruptive. Inclusive. deadgoodin every detail. We are you.
Collaborative. Forward-thinking. Best of British.

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