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"deadgoodmeans quality. It says, 'we care'. So much, that we want our products to last a life time. Our partners care too. from the wee Isle of Bute to the white Folkstone sand. Our philosophy is to think global but start local. Investing in communities whose skillsets lie at the cutting edge of industrial processing on one hand, to employing time-honoured techniques on the other."
"Manufacturing in the UK often means we can compete on lead times against our European counterparts."

"We remain humble and grateful for the support and dedication of our entire team, in house and beyond. We salute you, our deadgoodfamily.

Here's are a couple of stories straight from the horses mouth.

First up, we asked our master upholsterer Phil what his home county of Norfolk means to him:

"Norfolk? Alright bore. Where you been? Out on the broads. Water boats, very leisurely. Coast was good days. Troshing for miles out to sea. Sandringham and that. Laidback. Taking it easy. Not like that London rush. Father was in the Forces. Norfolk was his last posting. I remember long summers. Bloody Jaspers. Bishy Barnabees everywhere. Move that sod over there! Out on your bikes. Free. Not like it used to be. Flat though. Flat fields. Flat woods. Nice people. Wait till I tell your mum."

Followed by our steel expert Stuart and his home town of West Bromwich:

"West Bromwich? Born and bred. Great memories. High rise. No fear. Heavily built up with smoking towers. Always knew you were home. Pride for the area. Making it the best for an outsider. Change is constant though. Evolving with the times. No more wiping your feet on the way out. We’ve moved past those layers of grime. A modern set up now and well known for it too. Breaking that stereotype. The Black Country. Our accent’s renowned. You know Black over Bill’s mothers? Comedians still take the piss. Proud to see you flying and for being there from the start."

Without these guys, our businesss would be nothing more than a bright idea of the back of a beer mat.

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