Vicki Leach
Design Director

As Manx as the hills. Home of a single mountain and cats with no tails, I’m definitely not an advocate of that. Take in the seven kingdoms, including the holy one. Pass the bridge and say hello to the fairies. Y’alright yessir! Saturday Night Fever and skate parks, with no sense of balance. It was a close knit community. No limits on speed. Been there, hanging on for dear life. Henry was a joiner and I loved riding in his van. He had a few but mine was the tipper. The nicest guy you’ll ever meet. With his merry band of men and slabs of Moonshine for the Douglas sands. Mum was also a bit creative, pretending to be us kids. All in aid of cash prizes, new bikes and a Kiwi bird. It was a bit much at times. Awkward. Now it’s Lucy who is keeping on keeping on, despite me being a nuisance during lockdown. With jesmonite on my hands and hair. Making dollar and laughing. Every single day. Or Whatever.

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