John Tree

Born in Scotland. Raised in Wales. Middle of fucking nowhere to be honest. When it didn’t rain it was lovely. I blame the hippie parents. They made everything. Furniture. Food. Clothes. I soon realised that the whole world was malleable. It’s all to be had. Back to Edinburgh for secondary school. A real contrast. Pretty rough. Glue sniffing was big back then. No not with me! Moved to the Toon for for a year at 17. Never got robbed, although my mates had their duvets nicked. Weird. I remember eight cans of Ace on a Friday night and the number One back to Benwell. Good banter. Found my calling in Kingston. Another big change. Fancy and posh but certainly a great eye opener. Made London my home ever since. Feels like living in the World. Can be super engaged one minute and anonymous the next. I like that. Alone and unjudged. That choice and control is good.

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