Li En Yeung

Cam I am. GL11. OG skater kid. ‘Ere mate! Remember loitering in the Co-Op car park. Terry the trolley man would kick off big time. Time served in the takeaway too. Spud boy. Homework behind the counter, very academic. It was a toss up between art or accountancy, although I lost interest in the dry side. Nudged down the 3D path during my foundation. Best year of my life that. 100 Mutations was my thing. I moved to Manc as soon as I could leave. Hated it for the first year. Grey. Cold. Wet. Depressing. Stuck it out though. They have a sense of humour that I can relate to. A certain outlook, optimistic but real. You’ve gotta look on the bright side. Always been into space travel. Would love to go up. Number one dream. Visited Cape Canaveral as a kid. Guess I had it burned into my head. Love a cash machine that gives out a fiver too. It becomes part of my mental map. For that last pint of course. Oh, and the beans always go round the egg, never on top!

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