David Irwin

Born in Lisburn, NI. Well just outside, Hillsborough’s right. Good times, for the most part. Always outside, fucking around. Chopping down trees, building stuff and setting fire to things. Thought it was normal for a Chinook to land by your house. Watching the Maze patrol. Soldiers would let us peer down the sights of their guns. Keeping us kids on side. Winning hearts and minds. Got in trouble taking Steven to the abandoned house. Pretty unsafe. Kept that one a secret for a while, ha. Wind your neck in Sprat! Dads hobby was woodwork, he had a little workshop out the back. Remember that from an early age. Making toy cars, a nose cone for Thunderbird One from an egg. Oh and Lego, lots and lots of Lego. Always love being outdoors. The Mourne Mountains are pretty sentimental. For clarity. To reflect. To breath. Could do with a full nights unbroken sleep right now. Being a new dad. 5th generation coming through.

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