As a kid, running free. Jumping bales and dreaming of new heights. Now it’s back ache and pressure in the digital mail room. Still climbing that ladder though. Environments are fast paced, although breakout is now the norm and happiness slowly scales the agenda. Workers are city bound and Woody is our release from their daily churn. A nod towards nature for the urbanites. With the distinct aesthetic of a fallen tree and the truest sense of the wind in our hair. Or what little of it that is left. It’s an individual and subconscious connection. Facilitating productivity. Heightening awareness and encouraging us to fix up and look sharp, with a spring in our step and the renewed capacity for flow in our minds.‍
"The set of benches are perfect for breakout areas and casual meeting spaces, to capture the imagination and invite groups to gather."

Here's some insight into the idea behind Woody from Vicki Leach, our Deadgood design director.

"Growing up I was always running around, jumping on hay bales and climbing up trees. No cares in the world and happily plotting how to build my next den in the woodland. Nowadays I'm mostly complaining about backache and how many emails I have to get through. Today's world is fast paced with little respite other than collapsing at home at the end of the day and deciding which Netflix series to binge on next. Without reflection, you could almost be sucked into a world of mindlessness and eventual unhappiness. Ever notice how time seems to fly when you're not paying attention to it?

Paul Dolan, an economist and expert on happiness, notes that happiness is a mixture of pleasure and purpose, experienced over time. Those who take notice of their surroundings, what they see, taste and smell are likely to feel more purpose and pleasure out of a day. Firstly because they are aware of what is going on and can recall what makes them happy or unhappy, but also because time tends to go slower when you pay attention."

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"It is fair to say that we need objects around us that help us wake up and take note, aiding our daily experiences and ultimately our happiness.

I am just like many millions of others who reside in a city, where a connection to nature is limited. It's nice to daydream of warmer climates and the great outdoors because this brings a sense of escapism and nostalgia. Woody is the response to just that desire to break away from daily routine and capture nature indoors. With the distinct aesthetic of a fallen tree, this collection of benches is a playful way to remind us of the great outdoors, the wind in our hair and those picnics in the park with family and friends. This recollection subconsciously brings a feeling of emotional connection and joy.

The aim of the collection is to bring happiness into the lives of many and provide a welcome distraction from the daily churn. The set of benches are perfect for breakout areas and casual meeting spaces, to capture the imagination and invite groups to gather."

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