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Introducing Flare, the sofa and lounge chair of your wildest circular design dreams! This clever couch is like a chameleon, it'll adapt to any workplace needs and when it comes to the end of its long and lovely life, you can take it apart and seperate each component part. Flare is generously sized and uses foams made from plant-based compounds, so you can sit back, relax and feel good knowing you're not contributing to the demise of the planet. ‍
"Plug it in, expand it, reconfigure it and when it's time to increase the head count, add some extra seats."

Flare is an innovative upholstery system that is perfect for the constantly changing needs of the commercial workplace. With a simple and minimal construction, Flare is designed to help reduce waste of traditional upholstery structures at the end of the product’s lifecycle.

All components are designed to be disassemblable, making it easy to repair, recycle, and reuse every element of the sofa. This not only helps to extend the life of the product, but also helps to reduce the carbon footprint.

The addition of power units and work surfaces add to Flare's appeal.

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Additionally, the system is a kit of parts, making it easy to transport and set up. The use of multi-functional elements further helps to adapt to changing needs, making Flare an excellent choice for any office looking to reduce their environmental impact.

Whether you need to expand, reconfigure, or simply change up the look of your office, Flare's adaptability makes it the perfect choice for any commercial workplace.

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