ReWork by David Irwin

ReWork is our response to the new working patterns and cultures that are becoming entrenched in the modern workplace. A simple yet comprehensive modular seating collection, designed for dynamic, hybrid workspaces. Thanks to its flexible design, ReWork can be easily reconfigured and is suitable for focused work, collaboration or a mixture of both and can add structure to open plan spaces, create a focal point within an interior and define areas as required. 
"I suppose the satisfaction I get from seeing an idea make the jump off paper and into reality is the reason I became a designer."

David Irwin, designer:

“The role of the office has changed significantly over the last couple of years and the modern workplace has shifted its purpose to reflect these changes. ReWork is a simple and flexible response that really comes into its own when used within dynamic spaces that boast flexibility and reconfigurability at their core.”

Straight and angled sections with either single or double seats, can be specified with a host of functional add ons, offering versatility for the modern workplace be that a lobby, terminal, campus or co-working setting. The collection is Made in Britain, utilising sustainably sourced timber, recyled steel and an innovative new foam made from plant-based compounds. Furthermore ReWork can be specified in fabrics created entirely from post consumer recycled plastic. A welcome option that can enhance the products’ green credentials and aesthetic appeal.

Dan Ziglam, Deadgood co-founder & director:

”ReWork offers a quiet place to be alone, a comfortable place to collaborate and everything that comes in between. We’re seeing generous social spaces at the heart of many new design schemes and with ReWork, we’re offering a solution for people to come together in order to create, facilitate and promote a revived post pandemic culture within businesses."  

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In order to demonstrate ReWork’s dynamic design principles, we collaborated with ALT STUDIOS, an independent UK based design practice, who were tasked with proposing their vision for a reimagined commercial workspace, within which we could showcase the new ReWork collection. The brief required the interior space to demonstrate ReWork’s versatility, through movement and reconfiguration of product and to provide insight into how the collection could be utilised as an alternative to traditional desking, whilst also positively contributing to a more holistic work environment. All components used within the space can be completely reconfigured depending on the changing needs of a particular setting, seen here as a demonstration of the changing function from day to night.

Paul Milner, co-founder of ALT STUDIOS:

“Our design addresses market demands, as well as deliberately creating an atypical workspace and atmosphere that leans towards the movement of hotelization, which sees home comforts, casual dress codes, real planting and soft furnishings contrast with crisp aesthetics.”

Research implies that hotelization started from tech CEOs working out of beautiful hotel foyers, raising their expectations of the office experience and a desire to bestow such upon their employees. The internal space designed to demonstrate Re-Work’s flexibility, boasts a calming architectural material palette. Functionally it nurtures culture, community and learning, established by the architectural design and heightened by the versatility of the Re-Work range it houses.

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