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We’re excited to announce the launch of our latest product - Folk, a versatile modular sofa, designed with community and simplicity at its core.
"Manufactured in Norfolk, the name 'Folk' is a nod to our new Sofa's roots, celebrating local craftsmanship, provenance and community."

Designed in-house, Folk is handcrafted to meet the rigorous demands of today’s fast paced working environments. Its robust design can handle the everyday use and abuse of sitting on the arms and backs, making it ideal for dynamic environments with a high traffic flow. The Folk Sofa's thoughtful design ensures it remains both aesthetically pleasing and structurally sound even under frequent use. Featuring wide, generous arms suitable for holding a laptop or a bum, Folk offers both comfort and functionality for a variety of settings.

Simplicity is key in the design and construction. Manufactured in Norfolk, the name 'Folk' is a nod to our new Sofa's roots, celebrating local craftsmanship, provenance and community. Using traditional upholstery techniques with a sprung seat for optimal support, we ensure lasting comfort and durability.

Folk consists of three components: a left arm with seat, a right arm with seat and a seat with no arms. This design allows for multiple configurations, making it adaptable to different spaces and needs, particularly in commercial interiors such as hospitality, learning and working environments. With the lines blurred between what constitutes a working space these days, the simple, almost familiar feel will appeal to many, offering a versatile solution that fits seamlessly into hybrid workspaces and communal areas.

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All materials are chosen with environmental responsibility in mind, from the sustainably sourced timbers to the plant-based foams. This commitment to sustainability ensures that Folk is not only stylish and functional but also a step towards a greener future.


Our Design Director, Vicki Leach comments:

"Our goal with Folk was to create a piece that embodies the spirit of community and withstands the everyday use and abuse that sofas often face. We wanted to say 'Folk it!' to throwaway culture. By combining traditional craftsmanship with sustainable materials, we've ensured that our latest product will stand the test of time and bring people together in comfort and style."

If you're in town for Clerkenwell Design Week, come and celebrate the unveiling of Folk, a sofa that’s fostering a real sense of community.

We’re also unveiling Double Chonk, the latest addition to our new collection of occassional tables.

Come and say hello, we're a friendly bunch and happy to help!


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