Gemma Matthias

Proud of my Welsh beginnings. From the Flintshire Hills. A unique landscape and a prevailing sense of nostalgia. Loved sea kayaking in my youth. Dad was a fell runner too. I have happy memories outdoors. Where we grow up shapes us so much. Creativity was always encouraged as a kid. Prize winning projects being the order of the day. With mum the driving force. Remember making daft things like mobiles and papier-mâché guitars. Where all the great creatives cut their teeth. Laminating plywood and clay modelling, aided by the rather appropriately named ‘Mr Nut’ who encouraged me to pursue design. Although it was the school of Phillipe and Giovanni that tipped my curiosity over the edge. Today I’m a happy camper. Still loving the wilds and exploring the coast. In the bell tent. With Jack and with Lupin of course. Nature and animal lover. They don’t ask for a lot. Unassuming and generally happy.

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