We’re super proud to manufacture over ninety per cent of our products in the UK with all pieces benefiting from the human touch.
Our products can contribute to the sustainability goals of a commercial project, with our environmental certifications and product summary sheets helping offer transparent information on what goes into our products.

deadgood means quality. It says, we care. So much that we want our products to last a life time. Our timeless classics are not only designed to outlive immediate trends but they can also contribute to the sustainability goals of a commercial project. Damaging the environment for short term gains is just not our style.

Our partners care too, from the wee Isle of Bute to the white Folkestone sand. Our philosophy is to think global but start local, as we build our supply chain with a strong community focus and regional provenance. Investing in communities whose skillsets lie at the cutting edge of industrial processing on one hand, to employing time-honoured techniques on the other.

Community Based. Made in Britain. Products with Personality. Built to last.

deadgood for the planet.

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