'Tree Table' by John Tree

We always had a table in our kitchen that was the centre of everything. Meals, work, homework, chats with each other and the occasional special occasion such as birthdays all happened around it, often at the same time! There always seemed to be a pile of books or a sewing machine at one end as we ate breakfast and talked about the day ahead.

Current trends in workplace environments have shifted recently and there seems to be a domestication of commercial interiors with more casual pieces creating a less formal and more creative atmosphere to work in. 

So the idea with the Tree Table and Bench was to bring this kitchen table concept to the office and offer a series of solutions that can be tailored through a simplified construction. With the legs supplying the structure and connection between the top and beams these sheet material parts are kept simple to provide flexibility and economy.

Table Dimensions

Small 750mm (l) x 750mm (d) x 725mm (h)
Medium 1500mm (l) x 750mm (d) x 725mm (h)
Large 2250mm (l) x 750mm (d) x 725mm (h)
Extra Large 1500mm (l) x 1500mm (d) x 725mm (h)

Bench Dimensions

Small Bench 750mm (l) x 320mm (d) x 440mm (h)
Large Bench 1500mm (l) x 320mm (d) x 440mm (h)