#AskDeadgood - "Why is it important for you to make in the UK?"



Our Deadgood collection of modern furniture, lighting and interior ‘products with personality’ is designed and made in Britain and supplied worldwide, to some of the freshest commercial projects on the planet. 


Commercial Workplace - c. Tribe Furniture / Thirdway Interiors

Commercial Workplace - c. Tribe Furniture / Thirdway Interiors


A couple of years ago we decided to create a Deadgood manifesto. We wanted to know what our team thought were the most important aspects of our business, what makes us ‘Deadgood’ so to speak and we landed upon three very distinct values which we all decided aligned closely to our products and the way we operate on a daily basis.

These three important values being Fun, Quality and Longevity. 


It is these three values which we ensure anyone who manufactures our products must adhere to as well.

When it comes to manufacturing our products, we utilise a highly skilled network across the UK and work in partnership with a broad spectrum of suppliers. On the one hand we utilise technologically advanced manufacturers who’s skill set lies at the cutting edge of industrial processing. On the other, we are proud to work with traditional artisan craftsmen who employ time honoured techniques in a way that remains true to their heritage.


First class powder coating in the North East of England

First class powder coating in the North East of England


When our Deadgood Directors started the business fresh out of university back in two thousand and four with one product idea, a bold vision and a pocketful of change they had to think local and so were forced to adopt this approach. As young graduates they didn’t have the financial resource to approach large overseas producers whose minimum order quantities and high tooling costs would have meant the company stalling in first gear. So, what started out as a necessity for buying British, has actually turned into both a passion to support local communities and a trend in the market.

We know that in buying locally, as a company we are investing money into our immediate community, providing jobs and supporting local skills, whilst also contributing to a sustainable economy as a whole. We may only directly employ a small team of people in house but the family network that we support extends far and wide through the individuals employed within our supply chain. The additional benefit of making in Britain is the ease of communication, factory visits and quality checking. We’re able to put a face to a name and get to know who makes our products on a personal level. Not only that but when we visit our upholsterers, we get to have the best hot sandwich from the local butchers! 


A visit to our upholsterers, a short drive away from the studio.

A visit to our upholsterers, a short drive away from the studio.


It goes without saying too that by sourcing locally, we can ensure that our carbon footprint is kept to a minimum.  

Working in this manner has enabled us to adopt a meaningful selling proposition. We pride ourselves on offering a flexible service and because of the fact that we do manufacture our Collections right here in the UK, it is easy for us to modify them by altering timbers, colours, fabrics and finishes on products if required. 


We believe that we have a duty as designers and manufacturers to make things as durable and relevant as possible and with this in mind we aspire to create timeless classics that can outlive immediate trends, offering a longevity and quality that not only adhere’s to client expectations but also avoids polluting the environment for short term gains. 

This is where quality standards come in. We work with only the best manufacturers who also care about these matters just as much as we do, demonstrated by their implementation of ISO accreditations, FSC Certifications and memberships of Woodland Heritage. We know that when they make our products, they are being made to the highest of standards. We are also proud members of the Made in Britain campaign which actively promotes products that are made in Britain through use of the 'Made in Britain' Marque.




Our philosophy is to think global but start local and apply our honest, environmentally aware approach to the design and distribution of our cutting edge collection of interior products. In adopting this attitude we are able to compete with some of the largest commercial furniture manufacturers out there in the market. 

After all we like being Deadgood and hope you do too...