'DALI Light' by Deadgood Studio

The ‘DALI Light’ is a cutting edge LED lighting solution that boasts a super slim sixteen millimetre profile and is available in sizes up to nine hundred millimetre diameter. 

Manufactured out of a graphic etched acrylic light sheet, DALI Light offers a two way circular spread of ambient white light, acting as both downlighter and an uplighter. An anodised aluminium plate houses a series of energy efficient dimmable LED’s, which when combined create a technical lighting solution for large scale commercial environments with an emphasis on low energy solutions. 

DALI Light takes its name from the industry standard control system into which it integrates. The product is suitable for a variety of settings, creating a highly graphic visual statement when illuminated and almost disappearing when off due to the transparent properties of the material. 

Technical Details:

  • 900mm (ø) x 16mm (d)
  • Approx. 1300 Lumens.
  • Longevity of more than fifty thousand hours - eleven years at twelve hours a day.
  • 12v consumption uses up to 70% less power than T5 fluorescent lamps and up to 30% less energy than CCFL.
  • Contains NO mercury or other hazardous materials.
  • Colour temperature Cool White 5300k.
  • Provides a balanced 60% down and 40% uplight.


22-27 SEPTEMBER 2016



Deadgood Story | DALI Light

In the words of a true creative genius and one of our all time favourite sources of Deadgood inspiration:
“One day I will find the right words, and they will be simple.”  Jack Kerouac
Just like those heartfelt words, we wanted to keep our latest lighting solution poetic and simple. At least that was the idea when we started writing a brief. The main focus of which was to respond to many a client request of incorporating a DALI control system (Digital Addressable Lighting Interface) into a new decorative fitting. Secondary to the ability of controlling the lighting output were demands for the product to be energy efficient, elegant and the ability to be specified in different sizes without impacting greatly on price. What started out with simple intentions proved to be our most technically challenging product to date.
Our initial research suggested that there weren’t many DALI controlled devices on the market that looked like they had been designed with the dimming solution in mind. Most seemed, in our minds at least, to look like adapted fittings or solutions that had the DALI controls retrofitted to an existing design, often making them look clunky and unconsidered. This was something we wanted to challenge from the outset.
Our main focus from this point was to keep the DALI control gear away from the light source, allowing the profile to be as slim and lightweight as possible. The thinner and lighter the product the more efficient in transport and installation this would become. The use of compact fluorescent bulbs limited just how far we could push the boundaries of profile, so we looked toward LEDs to lead the design.

The discovery of acrylic light sheet was somewhat of a revelation, with its overtly graphic grid lighting up like a futuristic vision from Tron and as if this wasn’t enough to whet our appetite, we discovered that when turned off the material becomes transparent. 

This thinking captured our imagination and allowed us to develop a product that is lightweight, unobtrusive, highly graphic and almost invisible. When the switch is flipped and the light envelops the piece, we see what can only be described as a Deadgood Future. 

A bold move in a new direction.

On a practical level the LED’s have a fifty thousand hour lifespan, which works out as just shy of six years if you leave the light on twenty four seven, or twelve years if you have it on for a twelve hour working day. Highly engineered aluminium plates encase the light source, keeping the weight down and allowing the components to be disassembled if needed.

A year in the making and we’re excited to unveil the Deadgood DALI Light, a product that is both sharp and soft, familiar yet fresh, inspired when on or off.  A lighting solution that reveals itself at the flick of a switch.

In no truer words:

“To complicate is easy, to simplify is difficult.” Bruno Munari