The Deadgood Residency

'The Deadgood Residency’ is open and running until the 18th February in The Gallery, 33-35 St. John's Square, Clerkenwell.


We have a few timed slots left to host your team, alternatively we’ll be having a bit of a do - ‘Beats&Beers’ from 6pm on Thursday 18th Feb. 

To book a timed slot or to confirm your attendance for the 18th, you’ll need to send details of your RSVP to 

Big thank you to WYLAM BREWERY for continuing to support our activities with a good supply of #ProperBeer

Within this temporary showroom we’re showcasing our new modular table system - The 'Tree Table' by John Tree, the recently launched 'Working Girl Lounge Chairs' and 'Bistro Tables' by David Irwin and new additions to our 'Turn Table' range. Alongside this we’ve put together a carefully curated collection of our furniture, lighting and interior 'Products with Personality’, designed and made in Britain for commercial environments worldwide. 

Aside from being an opportunity to showcase our latest products it’s also an environment in which we hope to be able to communicate a very important message:

1. We believe our products should be made locally by expert craftsmen who agree that good design can change the world for the better.

2. We care for our environment and hope to leave a positive legacy for future generations. 

3. Our team is a like minded family who share our ideals of supporting, nurturing and inspiring each other.

4. We believe in inclusion - creatively and collaboratively, to be inclusive is to accept change and to embrace evolution.

5. Our ambition is to remain at the crest of the wave, challenging the status quo and experimenting with new ideas.

We just happen to supply some of the world leading brands with our unique collections of furniture, lighting and interior products. 

The Deadgood Residency will hopefully allow us to open a few more doors. 

We like being Deadgood and hope you will too.