Victoria Lee
Finance Manager

Greenwich. South East London. It used to be the Queens house. Meantime for sure. I used to think I was Ghetto. The only girl in the family and always the littlest. The athletic one. Maybe the stupid one, climbing tree’s and shaking conkers or skating down Blackheath, racing my dad. Good memories. I can still evoke the smell of the Thames too, it stinks. London’s a rush and that’s what feels homely to me. David Attenborough’s nightmare. Either that or bants in a black cab, I’m always up for that. Swopped it for the North East though. Falaraki made me do it. Home for the family for sure. Geordies make you feel like you’re having a warm hug and flower or pet have replaced the ignorant silence. I mean, Londoners don’t even talk to you. Yin and Yang. These days I find my freedom outdoors. Walking the fur babies or paddling a board. Lets me forget about all the shit at home. Either that or a smooth red.

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