Tom Davies
A&D Sales Manager

West Ken, closest station at least. Just mum and us three. No Billionaire boys club for me. An eclectic mix, although I never did see the divide. It’s just where my people are. Polish first. We’d get shipped out there for the summer. Our 40 strong crew making memories amidst the Soviet era setting. Me as Michael Owen, picking cherries and surfing in the wind. Aspirational activities on reflection, with Babcia holding it together. Those experiences stayed with me. Inspired my thirst for adventure. Top boy for the arts. Prize winner! Although mechanical engineering proved a more direct route to the mortarboard. Heavy, heavy theory. Always interested in design though. Jasio showed me the way and I’m grateful for that. We’re just a motley crew and all credit. A Family. All on board with the Eastern block mentality. Make it work. Fix it up. Waste nothing. I think you can up the blur on that one!

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